We are a church that loves Jesus and seeks to follow his example in helping people know they have:

– Someone to talk to
– Someone to Care
– Someone to pray

We all have tough times

…whether it’s facing challenges, loss, unexpected events or personal crises. We may know in theory that God loves us but sometimes it helps to talk to someone about what’s happening; sometimes we know a bit of practical help would make all the difference. Praying with someone about these things is also a wonderful support and, in these ways, we can ‘bear one another’s burdens’.


Latimer Communities are a good place to find care and support in a context where people know each other and are doing life together.

If you would like to join a Latimer Church community, please email hello@latimerchurch.org


A Pastoral Care team of experienced people from the church is available when more input is needed for those with particular need or facing challenging times.

Contact steph.horrocks@latimerchurch.org.

Practical Support

We all have times when a little practical support is needed. Maybe someone is feeling unwell, or has just had a baby and would appreciate some home cooked meals. They may be moving house and need help lifting?

Latimer Church has a community willing and waiting to help. If you would like to be part of this community and be notified of when someone needs care provided please join the Latimer Church Care Community on ‘Lotsa helping hands‘ – the online tool we use to facilitate this. You will then receive updates of care needs and have the opportunity to sign-up to help out. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you would like practical support, please contact your Latimer Community group or email hello@latimerchurch.org and we will be in touch. 


Everyone is welcome to join the organised times of prayer for the church, currently on Wednesday mornings at 7am and 9.30 am and Thursday evening at 8.15pm. More details can be found on our prayer page.

These are online and the link can be accessed by emailing hello@latimerchurch.org and requesting to join our members’ Facebook page.

If you would like someone to pray with you during the week, please email hello@latimerchurch.org