We are a local church that is committed to making a global impact. Part of our vision at Latimer Church is to engage the world lovingly.
One of the ways we do that is through short-term mission trips. Check out the Opportunities below to learn more about how you can get involved.

Encounter Tour to Israel, Palestine & Jordan
A visit to the Holy Land is a very special event in the lives of many Christians. Looking at the hills, lakes and rivers that have changed little since the time of Jesus can make the stories of the Bible come alive.

An Embrace the Middle East Encounter Tour not only gives you the chance to see places familiar to us from the pages of the scriptures, but you’ll also get to meet some of the Christians whose work and mission brings about transformational change in their local communities.

Travel with us and see what God is doing in this beautiful but troubled land.

For more details and how to book please visit this link.

Why Kenya?
Even though it is a Christian country, there is so much spiritual work to do in Kenya.  Many who live there are wonderful Christians, but Islam is also well-established and secularism is growing, especially amongst the young.

We will be partnering with African Enterprise, an organisation set up 60 years ago to evangelise Africa.  Through their leadership you will have the chance to share your faith in a way that is appropriate and respectful of the local community.

And we’ll be based in Nairobi- a first-world city, yet full of extreme poverty, and places filled with poverty are places filled with vulnerable people.

During the trip you will undoubtedly meet, talk and pray with many adults and children who are orphans, some who have long-term injuries and illnesses because they have no access to care, and those who have been struggling as widows and those who have been abused.

The Bible makes clear God’s heart for the disadvantaged.  Our prayer is that you will be able to reflect God’s endless love to those you meet in this incredible city.

For more details and information on how to book please visit this link.

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