Farewell to Chris Lion and Family

We both farewelled and celebrated Chris, Charlotte and the family on Sunday 16th August.  Chris joined us in August 2019 and they have been God’s gift to us in this season and will be deeply missed.

Chris will be taking up a new position as Rector of St Mary Magdalene with St Leonard, Newark-upon-Trent. The family have loved being part of Latimer Church for the last couple of years, and will miss the community here very much; but they’re also excited about this new opportunity.

They leave us with heartfelt prayers and we know they will be a huge blessing in their new community.

Songs in the night

Songs in the Night
All Saints Church, Sat 24th, 8-9pm

This is an opportunity to enter into the spiritual practice of lament. This means acknowledging together the painful and difficult parts of life, giving our hearts space to sit with difficult questions, and to be present to our own feelings in the gentle and gracious presence of our God. It will be a really safe and welcoming time together, and you won’t be asked to share anything. You may choose to come because you are in, or have been through, a particularly difficult season in your life, or you may resonate with the desire to cry out to God over the brokenness of our world. All are welcome.