We’re recruiting – Kids Ministry Director

Called to love & disciple 0-13s?

We’re looking for a Kids Ministry Director to lead in delivering the children’s church experience on a Sunday morning and other discipleship pathways that encourage our children to be whole of life disciples and passionate followers of Jesus Christ in an increasingly contested world.

Reporting to the Senior Pastor, this is a 20 hour/week permanent role, with the opportunity to grow the scope of the role for the right candidate.

So, if you sense a deep calling to love, envision and equip 0-13s for the world in which they live and the world into which they will emerge as adults, why not take a look at the job description.  We’d love to hear from you!

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SatNav – Swimming Confidently Upstream

In a world of competing claims about what’s good, beautiful and true, Christianity could seem to be having a hard time. For many in the West, it’s just one way to live amongst a multitude of alternatives – many of which may seem more enticing, exciting, or even true.

Yet we often long to speak up wisely and winsomely as Christians – whether we’re a teacher discussing school policy in a staff meeting, a leader with anxious people in our team, or in a family with a convinced atheist.

This SatNav journey is an opportunity to strengthen our grasp of the good news of the gospel by exploring three questions: Is it true? Is it good? Does it work? As we deepen our confidence in the wonder of our faith in the face of opposition, we trust that God will help us be ever more fruitful as his ambassadors wherever he’s placed us day-by-day.

We’d love you to join the SatNav community for this journey which will be led by Tash & Simon Edwards, Tracy Cotterell and Russell Soden.

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Rediscovering Joy – new sermon series post Easter

In a world where everyone is trying to find the secret of happiness, christianity offers something so much deeper, richer and fuller.  Christianity offers joy.  And joy, unlike happiness, is something that we can experience even when our external circumstances are not so pleasant.  When Paul writes his letter to the Philippians, he does so in the midst of great adversity and yet nearly every line of his letter overflows with joy.  And so, over the course of this series we are going to be exploring the nature of true joy and discovering for ourselves what it means to be a people filled with Joy.  

We look forward to having you join us.

Greater: New sermon series

On Sunday 13th Feb we kick off our new series Greater: Jesus in the book of Hebrews. Hebrews provides us with such a rich understanding as to why Jesus is greater in every regard than anything else we might look to for confidence in life. In reality, each of us builds our confidence upon something, and so the book of Hebrews is an invitation to really look more closely at our lives and ask the question “am I putting my confidence in Christ alone?”

SatNav series

Satnav series

A collection of short discipleship journeys to help us follow the way of Jesus and work out our faith in a rapidly changing world. 

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, our culture influences how we live and what we love. Sometimes, that can lead to us feeling disorientated or longing for wisdom to be faithful to God and fruitful in what he’s called us to.

So, we’re putting together a series of SatNav journeys to help us navigate towards a richer, deeper, fuller life with God and his kingdom purposes. Each journey addresses a different area of life, so we hope there’s one in this year’s season that connects particularly with you.

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