Safeguarding policy statement

Latimer Church is committed to:

  • the safeguarding, care and nurture of the children, young people and adults at risk within our church community so that every child and adult feels valued, safe and happy
  • promoting a safe environment and culture that enables and encourages concerns to be raised and responded to openly, promptly and consistently
  • creating an environment that is child-friendly and ensures that everyone feels welcomed, respected and safe and enables everyone to access all aspects of church life
  • following safe recruitment procedures, ensuring all workers work within the agreed procedures of our policy
  • responding without delay to every concern raised that a child or young person or adult for whom we are responsible may have been harmed
  • following legal requirements and guidelines in relation to safeguarding children and adults at risk
  • seeking to offer pastoral care to any child, young person or adult who has suffered abuse
  • caring pastorally for those who are the subject of allegations of abuse

We will:

  • work with the DBS and use other tools to check the backgrounds of any individual (lay, ordained, paid or volunteer) who wishes to work with any children, young people and adults at risk within our church community
  • train and support all those with responsibility for children and young people so that they have the confidence and skills to recognise and respond to concerns
  • have a named Safeguarding Officer who will oversee and implement Safeguarding policies and procedures
  • work together to ensure that safeguarding policies and procedures, including Health and Safety and risk assessments, are understood and implemented
  • ensure that everyone knows how to report concerns through displaying information on the website and any premises we may own in future
  • listen to and take seriously those who disclose abuse
  • respond immediately when a safeguarding concern arises, making the necessary reports and referrals
  • notify and cooperate fully with statutory agencies during any investigation into allegations concerning a member of the church community
  • challenge any abuse of power especially by anyone in a position of trust
  • regularly update and review safeguarding contexts and review the Policy and Procedures at least annually, keeping up to date with national and local developments
  • ensure that there is appropriate insurance cover for all church related activities involving children and young people
  • keep accurate and appropriate records of safeguarding concerns, ensuring these are stored securely

The Designated Safeguarding Officer for Latimer Church is Stephanie Horrocks.

July 2021

A copy of the full ‘Safeguarding Policy and Guidelines’ can be obtained from church by emailing