SatNav – Swimming Confidently Upstream

In a world of competing claims about what’s good, beautiful and true, Christianity could seem to be having a hard time. For many in the West, it’s just one way to live amongst a multitude of alternatives – many of which may seem more enticing, exciting, or even true.

Yet we often long to speak up wisely and winsomely as Christians – whether we’re a teacher discussing school policy in a staff meeting, a leader with anxious people in our team, or in a family with a convinced atheist.

This SatNav journey is an opportunity to strengthen our grasp of the good news of the gospel by exploring three questions: Is it true? Is it good? Does it work? As we deepen our confidence in the wonder of our faith in the face of opposition, we trust that God will help us be ever more fruitful as his ambassadors wherever he’s placed us day-by-day.

We’d love you to join the SatNav community for this journey which will be led by Tash & Simon Edwards, Tracy Cotterell and Russell Soden.

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